Mistrust of certainty

I need proof of everything. You say that tastes good but how do I know if I don’t try it too? It’s the same with everything else. You told me don’t do this and don’t do that, it will turn out badly, and what you say might sound like sense, but I don’t know for sure without doing it all myself. What if it’s terrible for you but good for me? If it’s good for me but hurts you I had better not do it. We all need to look and listen. Harmony makes a good measure of what’s right and wrong, just as it does in music.

And then there are all those bigger things we are just supposed to believe in. I don’t. I might like to believe them but that won’t make them true. I must see them or if they can’t be seen I have to feel them or sense them and understand their value. I must know for myself and test it from every angle. Even then I might doubt it. I don’t think doubt is such a bad thing. Doubt makes you an explorer. It’s people who are far too sure about things that get us all into trouble. They are often not guided by kindness. That’s the ultimate question in every situation. Ask yourself this. Is it kind?

I have no idea why I wrote this. But I did.