Welcome to Onandon

Welcome to Onandon

Welcome to Onandon

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Are you there?

All the things that matter to me, mattered to us, Matter so little to anyone else If they even matter at all. It’s all so intimate. Small. No-one but you could ever remember how we sat in that bar. I can try and explain, paint a picture, tell the tale of our joy and the…

Mistrust of certainty

I need proof of everything. You say that tastes good but how do I know if I don’t try it too? It’s the same with everything else. You told me don’t do this and don’t do that, it will turn out badly, and what you say might sound like sense, but I don’t know for…


It took her a while to know again who she was. That was because she was sleeping and names aren’t needed in dreams. Her name is Loveday. She was named after the street where she was born. She shortened it to Daisy, but she had never felt it belonged to her. Luke shortened it to…

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