About Me

I have been writing for quite some time although I trained and worked as an artist. There came a point where I felt I could express myself better in words. On so many occasions people told me they thought my paintings were like stories and they would ask me the story. It made me think. I found that I enjoyed writing far more. It’s more exciting and has a wider spectrum of possibilities.

I am hoping to become a better poet ( I have had some published), and my ambition is to have a novel and a collection of short stories published before I am too old to notice it’s happened (or dead). I am not young.

I am working on a re-edit of my novel and beginning it’s final part, and also a collection of short stories called ‘Stories from Onandon.’

I have kept a blog since 2014 under my former name. It contains well over 600 poems and some stories. But I feel I need to move on as I have developed as a writer in that time and I am also now studying Creative Writing at University. It seems like the right time for a new blog.

I have completed NaPoWriMo every April since 2014.

I am interested in all the Humanities, mythology and oral storytelling.

The rather sombre picture above is from North Wales (I am ethnically Welsh).

I live in Warwickshire.

All rights of authorship claimed by A.Chakir/A.Gouedard (unless stated otherwise). You may share or reblog but only under my name.